8. FAQs

1. What is Dowgo?

Answer: Dowgo is a blockchain-based platform offering tokens that represent a stake in wind or solar farms.

2. How does investing in Dowgo work?

Answer: Investors can purchase Dowgo tokens, each representing a share in the energy production of a specific renewable energy asset. These tokens provide monthly remuneration based on the asset's performance.

3. What technology underpins Dowgo?

Answer: Dowgo uses Polygon PoS public blockchain for its operations, ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency in transactions.

4. Is my investment secure with Dowgo?

Answer: Yes, investments are secure as Dowgo employs blockchain technology, smart contracts audited by leading security firms, and a non-custodial investment process.

5. How is the yield on Dowgo tokens calculated?

Answer: The yield is calculated based on the average price at which the underlying asset's energy was sold in the previous month, as well as the asset owner's track record and asset quality.

6. Can anyone invest in Dowgo?

Answer: Dowgo is available for investment to people worldwide, except for U.S. citizens. This is due to current uncertainties in U.S. regulations regarding Dowgo tokens.

7. How do I start investing in Dowgo?

Answer: To begin investing, launch Dowgo web app and create an account. You can then invest using a Web3 wallet or through Face ID and Credit Card.

8. Are there any risks involved in investing in Dowgo?

Answer: As with any investment, there are risks, including the risk of the asset owner defaulting on their debt. However, Dowgo provides a transparent model to understand and mitigate these risks.

9. How do I receive my returns from Dowgo?

Answer: Returns are distributed monthly as Euro stablecoins directly to your wallet, based on the performance of the asset you have invested in.

10. What happens if an asset owner defaults on their payments?

Answer: In such cases, the risk is borne by the investors, as outlined in the agreement with the issuer. Dowgo's transparent system allows investors to make informed decisions about these risks.

11. Can I sell my Dowgo tokens?

Answer: Yes, Dowgo tokens can be sold on the secondary market to other whitelisted wallets.

12. What makes Dowgo different from other renewable energy investments?

Answer: Dowgo stands out due to its blockchain-based approach, offering transparency, liquidity, and a unique model of investment linked directly to renewable energy production.

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