2. The Dowgo Token Model

Dowgo tokens provide a direct way for renewable energy asset owners to raise cash today by sharing a part of their future energy production for a set period.

Token Structure

  • Direct Investment: Each token is directly linked to a specific renewable energy project (wind or solar farm).

  • Duration: The returns of each token are tied to a predetermined period.

Pricing Mechanism

  • Projected Yield and Duration: Token pricing is based on the yield from the renewable energy asset get financed and the token's lifespan.

  • Energy-based Returns: The pricing model ensuring a direct correlation between investment and energy price.

Investment Returns

  • Monthly Income: Investors earn regular monthly returns.

  • Blockchain Transparency: The distribution of returns is conducted transparently and efficiently, using blockchain technology to ensure accuracy and build trust.

Value Proposition

  • Affordable and Accessible: With tokens priced from 1 €, it's easy for individuals to start investing.

  • Liquidity and Flexibility: Dowgo tokens are liquid due to the public knowledge of their future cash flows, allowing secondary market.

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