7. Legal & Compliance

Dowgo's token structure and compliance protocols are designed to adhere to international legal standards.

Token Structure as Debt Issuance

  • Debt Repayment Model: The token is structured as a debt issuance, where the asset owner commits to repaying the debt within a predefined period by sharing revenue from their energy production.

  • Fixed Rate of Return: Investors are aware of the fixed price of one kilowatt per token per month, providing clarity on the rate of return for their investment.

Investment Agreements

  • Risk Acknowledgment: Investors accept the risk of an issuer defaulting on debt repayment, with a yield compensating for this risk, formalized in an agreement with the issuer.

Global Distribution with Legal Alignment

  • Wide Distribution, Excluding U.S. Citizens: Dowgo tokens can be distributed globally, with the exception of U.S. citizens.

  • Commitment to International Laws: Our legal team is dedicated to ensuring Dowgo's operations align with international laws, providing a legally compliant framework for global operations.

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