3. Investment Process

Dowgo provides the infrastructure for project owners to raise private (non-banking) debt without intermediaries.

Investment Methods

  • Web3 Wallet: Investors can connect their Web3 wallets to participate.

  • Classic: For non-Web3 investors, Dowgo will allows investment via bank transfer and email adresse account creation.

Onboarding and Compliance

Wallet Ownership Verification

  • KYC: We require Know Your Customer (KYC) process and verify whether the wallet owner is a non-US citizen.

  • Whitelisting: If KYC passed, the investor's wallet is whitelistedin order to freely purchase Dowgo REYT Tokens.

Investment in Tokens

  • Euro: Investors swaps euro stablecoins for Dowgo Tokens.

  • Asset-Linked Tokens: Each token, standardized to equal 1 kilowatt in euro remuneration per month.

Secondary Market and Token Liquidity

  • Secondary Market : Only whitelisted wallets are allowed to trade Dowgo Tokens.

  • Euro stability: Primary investments are made in euro stablecoins to align with asset owners' preference for stability against crypto volatility.

Token Issuance and Pricing

  • Token Factory for Asset Owners: Asset owners can issue tokens through a dedicated portal in the Dowgo App, using our token factory smart contract.

  • Pricing Based on Yield and Duration: Token prices vary depending on the asset owner's offered yield and the token's duration. Higher track record and reputation of the owner typically result in lower yields.

  • Flexible Repayment Terms: Asset owners have the option to set repayment terms ranging from 1 to 25 years.

Investor Choice

  • Diverse Investment Options: Investors can choose between different projects.

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