5. Risk Management

Dowgo's approach to risk management combines advanced technology and strategic partnerships.

Blockchain Security and Transparency

  • Infrastructure: All Dowgo operations are transparent and auditable at anytime by everyone.

  • Standard: Dowgo REYT operates on the ERC 3643 tokenized asset standard. This is an Ethereum standard that has tokenized assets worth over $28 billion, ensuring compliance and full security.

Non-Custodial Investment Process

  • Security: The investment process is non-custodial, meaning investors maintain control over their funds. Investments are made directly through customer accounts.

Accurate Remuneration Calculation

  • IoT Integration for Real-Time Data: We are developing a smart contract linked to the IoT systems of solar and wind farms. This ensures real-time monitoring of energy production and the corresponding market price, providing a reliable basis for calculating the kilowatt price for monthly remuneration.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Simplifying On-Chain Data for Investors: Our platform is designed to be easily navigable, even for non-Web3 investors, ensuring that all participants can understand and trust the investment process.

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