4. Yield and Remuneration

The asset owner raises funds to refinance its installation once it is operational and starts generating revenue.
Monthly Remuneration
  • Kilowatt Price Connection: The monthly compensation is tied to the regional kilowatt price. The majority of renewable energy parks in Europe are bound by a Power Purchase Agreement, thereby fixing the price per kilowatt-hour at which they sell energy.
  • Benefits for Asset Holders: This system allows asset holders to raise funds based on their production while retaining ownership.
Determining Yield Offerings
  • Factors Influencing Yield: The yield is determined by the asset owner's willingness to repay debt, which is influenced by their track record in managing renewable assets, asset quality, and maintenance capability.
  • Remuneration Calculation: It is based on the average price at which the kWh was sold in the past month by the specific farm.
Distribution Process
  • Monthly Remuneration: Asset owners distribute the amount to token holders via a dedicated portal in the Dowgo app.
  • On-Chain Distribution: After pushing the amount in euros, it is swapped for Euro stablecoins and distributed on-chain to all tokens holders, through smart contracts.
Transparency and Traceability
  • Smart Contract Infrastructure: All operations, including distributions, are conducted on-chain using smart contracts, ensuring high transparency and traceability.
Token Price Dynamics
  • Decreasing Token Price: As tokens distribute monthly remuneration, their value decreases over time, based on a stable energy yield model.
  • Coupons: Dowgo calculates an investor's share of the monthly coupon, even if a token is bought or sold during an ongoing month.