8. Future Plans

Our future plans include the launch of new tokens and a DAO token launch, aiming to decentralize the management of Dowgo Tokens.
At Dowgo, we have an exciting roadmap ahead that aims to further democratize and innovate investment in the green revolution. Here are the key milestones we are looking forward to:

8.1 Dowgo DAO Launch

In 2024, we plan to launch the Dowgo DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The DAO will give our community a significant role in decision-making and management of Dowgo Tokens. As part of the launch, we will conduct an airdrop to all Dowgo NFT holders, granting them DAO tokens that they can use to participate in decisions about the Dowgo Tokens' management.

8.2 AI Integration

We are working on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the Dowgo App. This AI will help users navigate the market more efficiently by providing real-time market data from Alpaca. This will enable users to make informed investment decisions and proposals on the management of the Dowgo Tokens, further driving community involvement and democratization of investment.

8.3 Expanding Investment Horizons

Dowgo is looking to expand the scope of investment opportunities. We plan to access European and Emerging stock markets, bonds, and ETFs in the coming months. This expansion will provide our users with a wider range of investment options, furthering the diversification of their portfolios.

8.4 Renewable Infrastructure Tokenization

In collaboration with a private equity fund, we're working on a project to tokenize renewable infrastructure. This initiative will bring real-world assets onto the blockchain, offering a unique opportunity for investors to support renewable energy projects directly. Tokenizing these assets could significantly lower the barriers to entry for investors, democratizing access to this sector of the green revolution.

In summary, our future plans seek to enhance the Dowgo platform, providing our community with more involvement in decision-making, better market insights, expanded investment opportunities, and direct access to tangible green projects. We believe these initiatives will strengthen Dowgo's role in funding the green revolution while providing our users with innovative ways to grow their investments.